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Looking forward to getting away in your motorhome or caravan soon?

Looking forward to getting away in your motorhome or caravan soon?

Are you busy getting ready for a few days away in your caravan or motorhome to enjoy this lovely sunshine or perhaps preparing it for a longer trip away in the not too distant future? 

Motorhome thefts are on the increase nationally and we want to share some advice on how you can keep them safe and secure.

Securing your caravan or motorhome

  • Consider using security posts to block off your storage area.   
  • When using your caravan, use a hitch lock to cover and lock your hitching mechanism so that no-one else can hook it up and tow it away
  • Chain your caravan to a secure point using a heavy-duty hardened steel chain
  • Use wheel clamps and wheel locks to immobilise your caravan or motorhome. There are a number of models available, some cover the wheel and some lock the wheel through gaps in the wheel.  
  • Fit locking wheel nuts for an extra layer of security
  • Consider fitting a tracking device
  • Fit an alarm and use it whenever the caravan/motorhome is vacated
  • Find approved security products at www.soldsecure.com 
  • Secure storage

  • If you don’t store your caravan at home, look for a storage site operated by the Caravan Storage site Owners Association - www.cassoa.co.uk 
  • Check to see if it offers good security measures, for example secure posts to which your caravan can be hitch-locked, ground anchors, security staff or CCTV
  • Remember if you can enter the storage area and remove your caravan without being approached, then so can a thief


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